The Cool Catz are a creative duo from Los Angeles representing real emcees to party animals through their music. The modern day Run DMC with a blend of rock star, a tone of conscience, and universal swagger.

The Cool Cat legacy began at the Legendary Viper Room on the Sunset Strip where emcees Bradley Keys and Pow Shadowz were first introduced. Talks of a collaboration turned into action in late 2008 when they came together for a song inspired by the 2008 election for a track entitled "Change." Since then the duo has been inseparable partners in crime taking on hip-hop with confidence and tenacity, never looking back. Both successful solo artists have come together for a larger purpose.

PM Cool (Aka Pow Shadowz) and Mr. Keyz (aka Bradley Keys) are experienced emcees in their own right and are here to change the game with innovation and a high-powered energetic sound. One is sure to be captivated by the way they play off each other when rocking the mics.

All of these elements which embody the Cool Catz are captured in their Indie freshman release "Catnip" due to be released Summer 2009. From the first track, "The Cool Cat Bounce," the ultimate Cali banger/anthem to "Takin' It," the soulful inspiration of a brighter day to come, this record has a little something for every cool cat. If your flavor is faster tempo'd energetic party cuts then "Nitro" is your higher-powered energy drink that puts Red Bull to shame. The title of track three "Always Lookin' Up" has proved to be the theme of the lives and music of the Cool Catz.

So make sure you get your paws on this release and feel the effects of "Catnip."

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